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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rayleigh scattering, explanation for the reason the sky is blue. :)

First of all, happy Ramadhan everyone!

Remember before in my old post I said that I wanted to know why the sky is blue? Sometimes you see the sky being orangy or yellowish at dusk right? Well recently my lecturer gave me the answer during Optics class and I am very happy to share it with all of you. The guy in this video explained this phenomenon simply so that you and I can understand easily. May you have the benefits from this information and have a blessed Ramadhan.. :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anak perempuan memang letih nak jaga, tapi...

Kalau ada anak perempuan, mesti pening kepala nak melayan. Dengan PMS lagi, satu-satu kerenah anak nak kena tahan. Tapi, ada ganjaran untuk semua tu. Khas buat umi ayah tersayang, terima kasih banyak-banyak bahagiakan anak-anak permpuan yang banyak songeh. Semoga syurga sebagai ganjaran.. (>.<)

Barang siapa yang menggembirakan anak perempuannya, derajatnya seumpama orang yang sentiasa menangis kerana takutkan Allah S.W.T. dan orang yang takutkan Allah S.W.T. akan diharamkan api neraka ke atas tubuhnya.

Barang siapa yang membawa hadiah (barang makanan dari pasar ke rumah) lalu diberikan kepada keluarganya, maka pahalanya seperti bersedekah.

Hendaklah mendahulukan anak perempuan daripada anak lelaki. Maka barang siapa yang menyukakan anak perempuan seolah- olah dia memerdekakan anak Nabi Ismail A.S.

Barang siapa mempunyai tiga anak perempuan atau tiga saudara perempuan atau dua anak perempuan atau dua saudara perempuan, lalu dia bersikap ihsan dalam pergaulan dengan mereka dan mendidik mereka dengan penuh rasa takwa serta bertanggungjawab, maka baginya adalah syurga.

Daripada Aisyah r.a. “Barang siapa yang diuji dengan seSuatu daripada anak-anak perempuannya, lalu dia berbuat baik kepada mereka, maka mereka akan menjadi penghalang baginya daripada api neraka.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Remember to remember.

When will we be able to understand that our problems will never be the same?

We always say,
"I understand."
"I have been through the same thing."
"I can feel what you're going through."

But then, we compare the problem to ours. Subtly, we compete who got it worse, who's problem was harder to handle. Usually using, "Aku lagi la...." Seem familiar?

What we didn't realize is that our problems are not the same and it will never be. The circumstances were different, the consequences were different, the people involved have different personalities.

The people who listen a lot of times do not know what to say, because anything they say will be wrong. Unless they're the kind of people that just knew what to say.

The people who 'empathize' with you are not always sincere about their concerns. Sometimes, they're even glad or maybe look down on you. Some other times, they don't even care.

So, I am not just going to babble and complain about this. I will give you a solution!

For those of you who have been following this blog long enough, you may have seen this coming.

And mainly, this message is for my own self, my future self.

Yes! You guessed it. Talk to Allah! Tell Allah all your problems. He is the only one who will listen to ALL your problems day and night. And He is definitely not imaginary.

Whenever you feel there's no one to talk to, or no one will understand, spill it all to the One that will listen. Trust me, you will feel so much better.

He is the only One that can change you destiny. It's like having a lecturer as your best friend. He is the only one that can help change your marks. But Allah, He has the power over all things, visible and invisible. And he is closer to you than anyone else in the world.

Liana, the only thing left to do is to remember that fact.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A story that I'd like to share.

Recently, a friend of mine shared with me a story of hers, that I thought I should write down, and share with others, and the future me who will probably be needing this reminder. And so I begin.

She was a really kind person, pure hearted. But lately, she's been feeling lost, not herself. She lost the grip of her imaan and always felt empty. She didn't like it, but the she fell too easily to temptations. The syaitaans were taking her farther away from the straight path, and she can see herself leaving it. 

Day by day, she tried to escape the dark. To find her way back. But every time she tried, she fell back to temptations soon after. 

One day, it was either something that she read, or watched, or heard, or maybe all of them, she was finally determined to change.

After her solaah, she wept. Now here comes the part that I'd like to share.

She remembered a hadeeth about how one step you make towards Allah, Allah makes ten steps towards you. And if you walk towards Allah, Allah runs towards you. She cried more thinking how Allah's love is so wide and that Allah still loves her that He made her remember Him. She felt Allah's love and imagined as if there was somebody hugging her while crying. And it was as if Allah hugged her to calm her, that was how much Allah still loves her.

To imagine Allah's love in such a way touches me. I'm not sure if any of this makes any sense, but it does to me. Yes, our imaan fluctuates. Sometimes it's high, sometimes it's low. Even the great imaams cry a lot thinking about their sins. But Allah's love will always be there, for He is Most Loving,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Don't fear criticism from the outside. Fear your own thoughts, for only they can penetrate into your essence and destroy it. - The Dreamseller

It saddens me when I hear a person has soo little faith in themselves.

In their minds, other people are always, or almost always better than them.
"I can never do it."
"I can never achieve it."
"I can never reach it."

The brain works with the heart. If you heart does not believe, so will the brain.
That's why people say, confidence is key.

When your heart believes, the brain will follow.

I am not saying that I am a very confident person. But to have faith is another thing. Because when confidence does not produce the outcome we expected and hoped for, we put our trust in Allah.

Allah, The MOST Knowing. Surely Allah wants to give the BEST for us, nothing less than that(after we try and pray). That is why there is the concept of tawakkal. To put our trust in Allah.

Isn't it beautiful? Our religion? It provides us with calmness, the light at the end of the tunnel.

No matter what result we get, what challenges lie ahead, if we put our trust in Allah, tawakkaltu'alallah, insya-Allah, we can face it and take it in peace.

So, just put in as much effort as you can, do your best, and put your trust in Allah, tawakkaltu'alallah. Then, whatever the outcome is, it must surely be the best for you at the current moment. Because only Allah knows what it is, and that is what He will give.

If it is the one you hoped for, then Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah. But if it isn't, then it is not anybody's fault. It is just simply what you needed(The best solution that Allah knows is for you at the moment). This might produce a better success in the future, when it is best for you. Just take whatever lesson you can at the moment(avoid wasting time, stop being lazy, increase deeds,etc).

As the title mentions, our own thoughts are the real threat. Because that is what our brain will believe and act on.

Thread your path with optimism, and positive energy.

The Dreamseller also said- "There is no such thing as a person without worth, only someone who is grossly undervalued."

Nobody is worthless. If you are born in this world, surely it is with a purpose. Allah puts YOU, rather than other billions of 'tiny before humans' fighting their way to the ovum. YOU became a human, not them.

You simply need to start with BELIEVING in yourself.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jodoh yang baik, impian semua!

Wah wah wah, kalau ceramah pasal cinta, berduyun-duyun yang datang. Sampai penuh dewan, melimpah-limpah tak muat!

Semua teringin nak jodoh yang baik, bertanggungjawab, setia, amanah, penyayang.. Kalau nak senaraikan satu-satu memang tak habis la kan?

Apa kata kita amalkan doa nak dapat jodoh dan zuriat yang baik, moga Allah swt memperkenankan.. =)


Sahih International
And those who say, "Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous."
Dan juga mereka (yang diredhai Allah itu ialah orang-orang) yang berdoa dengan berkata: "Wahai Tuhan kami, berilah kami beroleh dari isteri-isteri dan zuriat keturunan kami: perkara-perkara yang menyukakan hati melihatnya, dan jadikanlah kami imam ikutan bagi orang-orang yang (mahu) bertaqwa.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crochet / Knittings

Anybody interested to buy these sorts of things, for yourself or as a gift for others, please let me know. =)